Hello, all!

We have a variant of this shipping problem, and maybe the collective wisdom
of this esteemed group can give us some suggestions.

We may soon (in the next month or two) be needing to move a couple of
hundred 78s from the home of a collector in the DC area up to our
institution in central NJ. We will NOT be sending them by mail or parcel
shipping company, but moving them in our own van, where the packing,
loading, driving, unloading, and unpacking will be done by museum and
archives staff or by volunteers under our direct supervision (or perhaps
acting under our detailed instructions - in the case of the packing step
down in DC).

The video, etc. that have already been discussed are great, and we will
definitely use some variant of that procedure for the rarest items in the
collection, but it seems a bit impractical to do it for every single
disc... Or is that really the best way to go?

Any other hints or things to watch out for?

Thanks in advance!



* Michael Andrec, Ph.D. -- Archivist*

Ukrainian Historical and Educational Center

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