I note in this thread that no one has mentioned the device that cleans
discs better than any other, viz. the Keith Monks machine. Forty years of
use on vinyl, lacquers and shellac confirms it.


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> I have looked with an optical microscope at records before and after VPI
> cleaning. Chunky dust as shown in those photographs can be greatly reduced
> by wet-brush cleaning and vacuum-drying as is done by the VPI and several
> other brand machines. I also looked at records cleaned with DiscWasher
> (original brush and fluid) and the new velvet brush and fluid sold under
> the "stanton" brand. Both left clumps of dust, wherever the brush was
> rolled backward and taken off the record. I also looked at a record cleaned
> with Sleeve City's spray-on fluid and their "shammy" type cloth. Not only
> was dust left, there were visible small scratches caused by the cloth. My
> conclusion was, I only want to use the VPI machine.
> Also, regarding syluses, I'm a big believer in that relatively new
> Japanese thing that's basically a blob of tacky gel. You lower the stylus
> onto the gel blob and let it sit a few seconds, then use the lifter arm to
> take it up. Dust on the stylus stays on the block of gel. The gel is
> water-washable and I recommend washing it regularly. Stylus dry-brushes of
> the type that come included with some cartridges work OK but don't dislodge
> all dust. I still have some old LAST fluid and brush from the 80s and it
> does a nice job of cleaning crud off the stylus and cantilever. I use that
> after every couple dozen sides.
> -- Tom Fine
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>  Victor Campos wrote an article, "Gunk in the Grooves," that was in an
>> American Record Guide in the 1960s.  He published a group of photographs
>> with it that were groove close-ups of great quality (on coated paper),
>> showed all kinds of dirt problems and discussed their solutions (if that's
>> the proper word.) This is well before Disc Doctor came to the rescue, of
>> course.
>> Steve Smolian
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>> On 11/11/2014, Carl Pultz wrote:
>>  Pretty neat images. Makes it that much more amazing that records work
>>> at all.
>>> tion
>>>  Not sure about the first two, but the third picture is a scanning
>> electron
>> microscope image that has been around for decades.
>> Certainly worth pointing out for those who haven't seen them.
>>> Carl
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>> Don Cox
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