Don Cox wrote:

> Everyone who owns a TV must have a license for it.
> Originally the license was for radios.

Your comment reminded me of when Io lived in Germany during the Mid 70s,
courtesy of the US Army.
I am sure it has changed now, but my German landlord explained that even
though he had a TV in just about every room of the house , he only paid for
one. He said the law says that you pay a fee for each TV unless you have an
equal number of radios. Which he did, small transistor radios still in
their boxes in the hall closet. So he paid the basic fee for one TV.

> Nowadays it would make more sense to put them on the web, and/or sell
> Blu-Rays.

They did stream the 4th of July on the web for about a week. But that does
not have the prestige as a national broadcast.

> > Here in the sticks of Kentucky, if there is a PBS classical music
> > show,...our local TV usually airs them at 2 or 3 AM.
> Can't you listen later on their web site ?

Yes and stream it for a few days through my Roku, but obviously they don't
promote a show aired at 2 AM as much as one during prime time.

Paul Urbahns
Radcliff, Ky