Hi all --

In response to recent inquiries about getting the Alan Lomax Archive in
touch with non-contact digitization sources for the supposedly broken glass
disc recording of The Man Who Went To War, I'm happy to share some
information here:

1) The physical copies of the Alan Lomax Collection are no longer in the
custody of the Alan Lomax Archive. They reside at the American Folklife
Center at the Library of Congress. They have been there since 2005.

2) This particular glass disc (broken or unbroken) is not contained within
the collection at the American Folklife Center. It's possible it was also
never actually contained in the Alan Lomax Archive.

3) At the Library of Congress, the Motion Picture, Broadcast and Recorded
Sound (MBRS) Division has a tape copy of The Man Who Went to War. It has
been digitized and can be requested at any time. You could also contact
Todd Harvey at the American Folklife Center for information on how to get
access to the digital version of this recording.

4) It's likely the text on the Alan Lomax Archive website needs to be

5) The staff at the Alan Lomax Archive and at the American Folklife Center
are aware of non-contact recording technologies and availabilities.

Hope that helps clear things up a bit.

All the best --


Bertram Lyons, CA
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