Hi Brandon,

The only difference that I recommend to those who ship records for  
transfer is to put a square of cardboard between each record and then  
two layers on the outside (as shown in the link). If the records are  
without sleeves or the sleeves are in bad condition, I recommend a  
wrap of tissue paper for each record.

I also recommend that the sender use Styrofoam "peanuts" because they  
are collectively superior at absorbing the shocks of shipping (PITA to  
unpack though) and, provide at least 4 inches of peanuts on each side  
of the record bundle.


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

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> Hi all,
> To be clear, not instructions for me but something I can pass along  
> to a donor that has proved, so far, to be pretty detail oriented.
> We're talking about seven 78's. Still waiting for confirmation on an  
> exact qty but I've been told seven so that's what i'm going to work  
> with for now. You can imagine I'm looking for something (1) easy to  
> comprehend, (2) of digestible length, (3) with images or video, that  
> (4) uses either commonly available packing materials or materials I  
> can purchase commercially and send to him/her myself.
> So far I've go this, ,  
> which looks pretty good to me but I don't deal in 78s very much so  
> I'm pleading ignorance here.
> Thanks in advance and happy friday everybody,
> Brandon
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