On 2014-11-05 2:23 PM, Don Cox wrote:
> The problem with scanners (I use an Epson V750) is that they are
> extremely slow.

I agree and that is why I'm talking so much about options.

Visiting the AmericanRadioHistory scanner page is quite interesting. 
Here's the link again

> Wnen we scan documents that do not have to be returned "intact" to
 > their owner, the preferred method employs a sheet feed high resolution
 > scanner. We use the Kokak i1320 which can do a 1000 page document in
 > less than 10 minutes. The resultant scans are the best of all the
 > possible alternatives. The downside is that publications have to be
 > separated into single pages.
> The scanner is "duplex" meaning it takes a picture of both sides of
> a  document in a single pass.

And the photos show an i3000 series scanner.

I have tried to optimize my scanners to the task.

35 mm negs and slides Nikon Coolscan LS5000 -
     about 50,000 images (the slide feeder makes this work)
all other negs/slides/prints Epson V700
     about 8,500 images (including some 35 mm slides)
Paper documents Xerox DocuMate 3115 duplex sheet feed scanner
     over 10,000 page impressions
B-size Brother MFC-6510DW multifunction
     probably about 500 page impressions, maybe more.


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