I forgot to mention, here's a link to a large online collection of Radio-Electronics magazines:
scroll to 1966, click on November, and the PDF will open. The Chet Atkins interview begins on Page 

Lou, regarding that album cover, I think the eBay auction photo is poor, or that copy is selling 
cheap because it's yellowed from decades of exposure to tobacco smoke.

-- Tom Fine

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> There is a re-listed copy of At Home on ebay:
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> Only 4.99!
> Is it really as yellow as it looks there?
> and in item 5, that is definitely a 604 in the standard silver Utility cabinet on the floor behind 
> him, not an A-7.
> God research Tom!
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> On Nov 3, 2014, at 8:08 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> I tried posting this last night but it never came through ...
>> OK, I couldn't let this topic go, so I did a bunch of sleuthing. Here's what I found out: