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Speaking of Met broadcasts, I once had a cassette copy of Poulenc's "Dialagues....", but lost it in my move from NY to FL.  I'd love to have a copy of it.  I've looked everywhere, but cannot find that exact  one up.  I remember it distinctly.  It was in English, the death march of the nuns was very dramatic, but the easiest way to identify it was about 2 seconds after the very last chord, one guy alone says "Bravo", then, the audience starts to applaud.  If anyone has that broadcast, I'd be most grateful to get a copy.

Ben Roth
Sound Restoration Technician

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Dear CW,
  I wonder if anyone knows of any collectors who might have recordings of all of the Met broadcasts. I know many are at NYPL and LoC, but neither of these collection (nor the two of them in combination) covers the entire run. I'm specifically interested in recordings of Puccini's 'Turandot,' which first appeared via broadcast in 1961. Private replies
to: [log in to unmask] are appreciated. Thank you all and have a lovely week.

Joshua Neumann

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