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To assist you in learning more about BIBFRAME and the future bibliographic ecosystem, PCC Secretariat colleagues and I have created a new PCC web page: BIBFRAME and the PCC<>. It can be accessed from the PCC main page, under the header PCC and BIBFRAME. Please bookmark this new page because we envision it as a centralized gathering point for information, documentation, announcements, etc. on the PCC's involvement with BIBFRAME's integration into the information community.

On the page, we have posted a link to the June 20, 2014 announcement PCC and LC Support BIBFRAME as the Model to Help the Library Community Move into the Linked Data Environment<>, as well as some information of interest:

*         Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME): Update & Practical Applications<>. This video, recorded Sept. 4, 2014, is another  in a series that introduces BIBFRAME. The speakers demonstrate the BIBFRAME Editor, the tool to input bibliographic data into the BIBFRAME format, and highlight other BIBFRAME developments.

*         PCC BIBFRAME Survey Results<>. See highlights below.

*         A video from ALA Annual in Las Vegas: BIBFRAME Update Forum, June 2014<>

*         A short paper targeting those with no understanding of or background in BIBFRAME: BIBFRAME: Why? What? Who?<>

*         A modeling study on BIBFRAME and AV resources: BIBFRAME AV Modeling Study: Defining a Flexible Model for Description of Audiovisual Resources<>

*         A link to the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework Initiative Web Site<>.  This site presents general information about the project, including FAQs, presentations, BF model & vocabulary, and information on implementation and testing.

Of special interest to the PCC Secretariat and all of you who completed the PCC BIBFRAME Survey are the analyzed results of the survey:

PCC BIBFRAME Survey Results<>

There is some very interesting reading here. But the results that are most notable - these are the highlights:

*         Page 1: Respondents identified the types of work they perform.   1233 responses were received to this question:
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*         Page 2: There were seven True/False statements in the survey: The responses indicate that there is a clear understanding that BIBFRAME will replace MARC, and that it will provide a new bibliographic environment. The questions that raise some concerns are Question 3 (BIBFRAME is a new computer system being built by the Library of Congress, and to be shared with all libraries, that is based on Linked Data principles), since LC is not building a new computer system, and Question 5 (BIBFRAME is a project initiated by the Library of Congress to build a next-generation OPAC and ILS), since BIBFRAME is not a an OPAC or an ILS system. BIBFRAME is a set of tools and templates that can be used in the design of an OPAC or ILS System.

*         Page 3: What are the best ways to communicate BIBFRAME developments and news?

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*         Page 4: Did you know that you can participate in the BIBFRAME testing process and provide feedback?

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The PCC Secretariat will be updating the new web page frequently and will notify the PCC discussion lists when major BIBFRAME announcements are made.

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