Karen said:

>So using your subtitle example, in what situation do you have to know 
>the difference between a title and a subtitle?

In the case of art exhibition catalogues, some think the artist's name
at head of title is a statement of responsibility, and some think it
is title proper, and the following distinctive phrase is a subtitle.

When the artist's name is recorded as title proper, the subtitle needs
to be separately searchable for those who think it is the title.  (We
now do that with 246 30.)  The same applies to any distinctive
subtitle which might be mistaken as title.

Subtitles and alternate titles are not included in citations (aka
AAP), so need to be separately coded.  (At present only subtitles are
so coded, with alternate titles in title proper, a mistake an early
RDA draft corrected.)

If citations are to be automatically generated from bibliographic
data, subtitles and alternate titles must be separately coded.

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