>I think we want to avoid most copy cataloging in the Linked Data

I don't see how copy cataloguing can be avoided.  Transcription may be
reduced, but one must still match item in hand to data.  Not every
publication has standard numbers.  Some standard numbers are wrong.  
The data to which one links must have been input by somebody.

Original cataloguing can not be avoided.  In our experience, at least
10% of any library's collection requires original cataloguing, e.g.,
Aunt Madge's scrapbook donated to the local history collection.

The bottom line is that input forms must make sense to cataloguers,
and Bibframe terms are open to misinterpretation, given the ambiguity
of language.  (The difference between 130 and 240 is complicated to
express in word labels; labels could be longer than the data  they

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