On 11/5/14 3:10 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:
>> If the graph union includes the ontology, and the sparql query 
>> includes  "?S ?P :Work" , you /will/ get bf:workTitle rdfs:domain 
>> :Work  .
> I was speaking of the case in which bf:workTitle rdfs:domain bf:Title. 

I always need to work these things out looking at actual triples, and 
thanks to insomnia, this is what I came up with last night:

<X> rdf:type bf:Work .
<X> bf:workTitle _:aa .
_:aa rdf:type bf:Title .
_:aa bf:titleValue "Here's my title" .

So SPARQL query something like:

SELECT ?s ?p ?o
Where {
    ?s a bf:Work }

Would you not get:

<X> rdf:type bf:Work .
<X> bf:workTitle _:aa .

If the bf:workTitle were of type bf:Work instead of bf:Title, you would get:

<X> rdf:type bf:Work .
<X> bf:workTitle _:aa .
_:aa rdf:type bf:Work .
_:aa bf:titleValue "Here's my title" .

Does that clear it up?

And I wish to gawd that there was some easier to use software that you 
could throw these kinds of tests to. I might be able to create a file to 
test it out in Protege but it's a big pain. However, having such a test 
environment would make it easy to try things out and see the consequences.


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