I'm newbie in the Bibframe and I try to convert some records from Marc21 to test it.

I use a file with 100.000 marc21 records to try the MARC to BIBFRAME transformation tool and I download the source code from

I convert it using several files with 10.000 records on each to increase the conversion speed and to get several bibframe records on a file to check it.

Some files works perfectly but with another I get this error:

Error on line 324 of module.MBIB-2-BIBFRAME-Shared.xqy:
  XPTY0004: A sequence of more than one item is not allowed as the result of function
  at mbshared:generate-abstract-annotation() (file:/home/jordi/LOD/bibs/bibframe/marc2bibframe-master/modules/module.MBIB-2-BIBFRAME-Shared.xqy#2202)
  at bfdefault:generate-default-work() (file:/home/jordi/LOD/bibs/bibframe/marc2bibframe-master/modules/module.MARCXMLBIB-2-BIBFRAME.xqy#82)
  at marcbib2bibframe:marcbib2bibframe()
Query processing failed: Run-time errors were reported

Now I'm trying understand where is the problem (maybe the tag 520) but i'm not sure about It.

Please somebody can help me on it?

Thanks in advance.

Jordi Pallarès Llorens


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