If you put your Turtle data onto the Web at a URL (e.g. using DropBox), you could use this general-purpose SPARQL service to experiment on it and create sharable links to live queries.

Put the URL for your dropbox data file into the “Target graph URI” field and enter your query in the text area at the top.

If you’re doing CONSTRUCT queries, you can get back Turtle by selecting Output: Text from the dropdown. For example:

The service isn’t always available, like now ☹, but it’s handy when it is.

I keep one of these running on my Workstation so it’s always available. The installation instructions are pretty easy:


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On 11/5/14 3:10 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:
If the graph union includes the ontology, and the sparql query includes  "?S ?P :Work" , you will get bf:workTitle rdfs:domain :Work  .

I was speaking of the case in which bf:workTitle rdfs:domain bf:Title.

I always need to work these things out looking at actual triples, and thanks to insomnia, this is what I came up with last night:

<X> rdf:type bf:Work .
<X> bf:workTitle _:aa .
_:aa rdf:type bf:Title .
_:aa bf:titleValue "Here's my title" .

So SPARQL query something like:

SELECT ?s ?p ?o
Where {
   ?s a bf:Work }

Would you not get:

<X> rdf:type bf:Work .
<X> bf:workTitle _:aa .

If the bf:workTitle were of type bf:Work instead of bf:Title, you would get:

<X> rdf:type bf:Work .
<X> bf:workTitle _:aa .
_:aa rdf:type bf:Work .
_:aa bf:titleValue "Here's my title" .

Does that clear it up?

And I wish to gawd that there was some easier to use software that you could throw these kinds of tests to. I might be able to create a file to test it out in Protege but it's a big pain. However, having such a test environment would make it easy to try things out and see the consequences.



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