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This is a list of journal titles that were donated to us and we would like to offer up to any US library who would like to take them. They are hardbound volumes. We will cover shipping costs. Please respond back to me by 11/21/14 if you are interested. Sorry for the cross posting.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Years: 1969-1999              Volumes: 244-274

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
Years: 1969 -1999             Volumes: 62-96

Years: 1973-1999              Volumes: 241-402

Years: 1988-1999              Volumes: 239-286

Years: 1985-1997              Volumes: 40-99

Molecular Endocrinology
Years: 1987-1999              Volumes: 1-13

Years: 1980-1999              Volumes: 19-38

Current Biology
Years: 1991-1999              Volumes: 1-9

Current Opinion in Cell Biology
Years: 1990-1998              Volumes: 2-10

Current Opinion in Genetics and Development
Years: 1996-1999              Volumes: 6-9

FASEB Journal
Years: 1987-1999              Volumes: 1-13

Years: 1971-1999              Volumes: 89-140

Molecular Pharmacology
Years: 1997-1999              Volumes: 52-56

Years: 1995-1999              Volumes: 14-24

Trends in Biochemical Sciences
Years: 1992-1999              Volumes: 17-24

Trends in Neurosciences
Years: 1995-1997              Volumes: 18-20

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
Years: 1995-1999              Volumes: 16-20

Molecular Cell
Years: 1999                         Volumes: 3-4

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