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I have a question that I lose sleep:


¿¿¿ - ???


In the field 300 Physical Description + \e Accompanying material


...if my Accompanying material is a CD Rom, DVD Rom, Blue Ray or any optical disc for computer, Based on RDA: How the hell should I describe it ???  as physical format itself or generically as optical computer disk, people have the bad habit of storing audio files and movie files on CD-ROM, and text files on DVD




on the screen of copies should be described as physical format itself , Example: CJ1907 .P73 CD-ROM or CJ1907 .P73 DVD  , and so on...  or simply: "CJ1907 .P73 optical computer disk"


But in RDA 300 + \e  1 DVD  , 1 CD-ROM,  1 Blue Ray,  optical computer disk ???


Thanks for all


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