I've informed our staff that I will start using the 667 for records to be 
deleted, and that they may see them on other records as well.  I think it 
might be nice to have some kind of standardized wording.  Something like 
this perhaps?:

667  Record reported for deletion. Use instead: <LCCN of record to use>

The one other thing that I would like to raise is whether there is some 
place else in the record where we can code the fact that the NAR is not to 
be used, so that catalogers using OCLC's control headings feature would 
not be able to control an access point that linked to the NAR about to be 
deleted?  There are undoubtedly many catalogers that simply control 
headings without actually viewing a name authority record.  If they don't 
view it, they won't see the 667 note.  Is there some code we can add 
(heck, we're already adding the 667 note now) that would prevent that NAR 
from being used by the control software?  Maybe changing 008/14 (Name use) 
from "a" to "b"?  Or 008/33 (Auth status) to "n"?

I realize that all of this would be optional, but if a cataloger wanted to 
code the record as invalid in addition to the 667, may they?

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