No, if Pseudo-Euripides is established as an entity it means that that entity is the creator of Rhesus, so the authorized access point for this play would be


Pseudo-Euripides. Rhesus.


I do quite a lot of work with “pseudo-“ classical authors and I’ve gone back and forth on them. I tend to establish “Pseudo-“ author names if people really do refer to them that way, but not if there’s just a dispute about authorship or the consensus is that the attributed author is not the real author. In the latter case I tend to simply establish them under title, as Rhesus has been. I think Pseudo-Euripides has not been established because few if any scholars refer to a “Pseudo-Euripides” (unlike, for example “Pseudo-Dionysius”). It’s a fine line. However in this case Rhesus has already been established under title, and so I wouldn’t change it. I also wouldn’t add the reference mentioned because as Richard notes if you do that you would need to establish “Pseudo-Euripides” in the NAF; but if you do that then you are declaring that that entity is the author of Rhesus and you’d need to change the authorized access point for Rhesus.




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If the name Pseudo-Euripides were established to identify the author of the play Rhesus, would the play Rhesus still be entered under title?




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NACO parameters include the following, that *almost* cover it:


“NACO libraries are not obligated to contribute all authorities generated by their cataloging or any one individual heading, except in the following cases: […]

2. All bodies referred through in cross references; e.g., if a heading is entered independently and a reference is given through a higher body, the higher body needs to be represented in the authority file as well, this may mean that the library will need to create an additional name authority in addition to the one the library needs to use in its catalog. […]

4. All headings under which uniform titles are entered; e.g., if an NAR for the uniform title Works is entered under an author who is not established in the LC/NAF, an NAR for the author must be contributed as well.”


There’s no specific provision for the name of an author that is used in a *variant* access point for a work, though this might just be because nobody thought of it. The principle would seem to be similar.






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I have in front of me a book called Pseudo-Euripides, Rhesus which is about an ancient Greek play, Rhesos (n  91082958 ARN 3003899) erroneously identified to Euripides. Is it sufficient to add as a variant 400 0_ Pseudo-Euripides. $t Rhesus to this authority record without trying to establish a name heading for “Pseudo-Euripides”? After all, someone may think of “Pseudo-Euripides” as a name, but the only identity this “Pseudo-Euripides” has is as the author of Rhesus.


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