I think "PCC cataloguers" refers in a general way to BIBCO and NACO participants.

If a PCC cataloguer uses an RDA acceptable heading in PCC cataloguing (ie BIBCO), then evaluation is encouraged.
If a PCC cataloguer updates an RDA acceptable authority record (ie NACO), then we are required to evaulate and recode.

"It has not been decided (as or March 2013) whether the “RDA-acceptable” AACR2 headings in the LC/NACO Authority File will remain coded AACR2, or whether machine changes will result in all of the RDA-acceptable AACR2 headings being re-coded to RDA." This has since been decided, and RDA-acceptable headings (if one should still be using the term) are being re-coded as part of Phase 3 - in fact in Phase 3B, next summer. The category has been re-evaulated due to changes in RDA since the original 667 tags were assigned (many more things are now RDA-aceptable). Where 1XX can be changed to make a heading RDA acceptable, this is being done in Phase 3B next month. Extra RDA metadata fields (046/3XX) are also being created, automatically, based on content already present in the record. This is what persuaded me that this was worth doing - otherwise, as you say, why bother doing all the work just to change 008/10?

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PCCLIST readers,

Are NACO contributors other than BIBCO members required to evaluate and recode name authority records to RDA?  I ask the question in the context of Post RDA Test Guideline #3, which reads:

3. If using an RDA acceptable heading in PCC cataloging, PCC catalogers are strongly encouraged to evaluate and recode the authority record to RDA whenever possible. “Evaluate” means you should check the usage(s) of the entity as recorded in the 670 field(s) of the authority record and assess the correctness of the heading based on the usages recorded. If an RDA acceptable authority record is being updated for another reason (for example, to add a 4XX variant, or to add new identifying characteristics), PCC catalogers are required to evaluate and recode the record to RDA. There is one exception to this required recoding, however: when a record is being updated only to change a 5XX field, in response to changing a 1XX in another record, evaluation and recoding of the record with the 5XX is strongly encouraged, but not required. See 5) and 6) below for more information.

PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines, last update: April 23, 2014
also has this statement:  "These guidelines apply to PCC catalogers..."

Other information pertaining to this concern is found in NACO Training Module 7, slide 45, notes to which have: "... The relationship term III is considered part of the RDA preferred name (RDA  It has not been decided (as or March 2013) whether the “RDA-acceptable” AACR2 headings in the LC/NACO Authority File will remain coded AACR2, or whether machine changes will result in all of the RDA-acceptable AACR2 headings being re-coded to RDA. ... "  I don't know what is intended by this possible re-coding.  According to slide 44 notes, "RDA-acceptable" AACR2 headings are those not having a field 667 to the contrary.  If the headings are not factually wrong, why change them?   And why the need to re-code to RDA without human intervention?

9.2.2 Preferred Name for the Person is a core element.  Perhaps that in itself is the reason for making such changes, though if so, then it seems to contradict the instruction not to change a heading unless necessary.   ("Leave a correct, unique authorized access point alone" - Training Module 1, slide 24)

What I'm really wondering is who is intended by "PCC catalogers" in the above statements.   Is it to be equated with all NACO contributors?  Or just to BIBCO contributors?  Or to some other set of catalogers?

Sincerely - Ian

Ian Fairclough
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