This question is in reference to OCLC 30339106 for “Monthly bulletin of statistics (United Nations. Statistical Division).


The division changed its name to “Statistics Division”. The last use of “Statistical Division” was the December 1995 issue. January 1996 to date consistently use “Statistics Division”.


The description cited above has a cease date of 2012 and no 785 continued by reference.


The authority record no 93008697 gives “Statistics Division” as a 410 reference, not a 510 later form of the name, which is also puzzling because the website clearly indicates that “United Nations. Statistics Division” is the current official name of the division. It is clearly not a variant rather a new name and thus should have a new authority record.


It looks to me like ocm30339106 should be changed to show a cease date of 1995 and a new description created for the new name with 1996, plus a revision of the existing authority record and a new authority record for Statistics.


Does that sound correct? Could some CONSER library please make the appropriate corrections to the records?


Thank you,

Bobby Bothmann




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