I cannot address when overhauling series authority records is "proper" and when doing so is not.  PCC series policy spokespersons may address that if they choose.  

The heading form and series numbering example previously in authority record n  87146394 were incorrect.  This is a case where a main series has numbered and titled subseries (and sub-subseries).  The numbers and titles of the subseries are part of the title proper (true in AACR2 and in RDA).  "3. Teil" and "3. Abt." were never part of series numbering.  The NACO member who revised authority n  87146394 corrected the 130 to the correct authorized access point corresponding to the resource cited in 670 and corrected the 642 numbering example to the correct series numbering for that resource.  Offhand, that seems reasonable to do when the authority record in the LC/NACO authority file has errors, as this one did.  The changes here were corrections of previous errors, rather than re-cataloging from AACR2 to RDA.

PCC's series authority policy and troubleshooting folks may sometimes decide in a case where a pre-RDA series authority is "overhauled" that it is better to create a new series authority record and get the old SAR cancelled.  In such cases, they can request help from LC staff persons at [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask] in getting the old authority records deleted from the LC NAF.  Personally, I don't think this is such a case; I think a NACO member discovered old errors and fixed them appropriately. 
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Series authority record (LCCN): n  87146394

It was this:
 130 -0 Kultur der Gegenwart
 642 -- 3. T., 3. Abt., 3 Bd. $5 DLC $5 ICU
 643 -- Leipzig $a Berlin $b B.G. Teubner
 644 -- f $5 DLC $5 ICU
 645 -- t $5 DLC $5 ICU
 646 -- s $5 DLC $5 ICU
 670 -- LCCN 23-9336: Hartmann, J. Astronomie, 1921
 670 -- LC data base, 5-11-87 Die griechische und lateinische literatur und sprachen, 1912

Now it's this (as of April 2014):
 130 -0 Kultur der Gegenwart. $n 3. Teil, $p Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften, Medizin. $n 3. Abt., $p Anorganische Naturwissenschaften
 370 -- $c Germany
 377 -- ger
 380 -- series
 430 -0 Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften, Medizin
 430 -0 Anorganische Naturwissenschaften
 642 -- 1. Bd. $5 DLC $5 ICU
 643 -- Leipzig $b B.G. Teubner
 644 -- f $5 DLC $5 ICU
 645 -- t $5 DLC $5 ICU
 646 -- s $5 DLC $5 ICU
 670 -- Physik, 1915: $b series title page (Die Kultur der Gegenwart : ihre Entwicklung und ihre Ziele. 3. Teil, Mathematik, Naturwissenschaften, Medizin. 3. Abt., Anorganische Naturwissenschaften)

The earlier heading looks like an umbrella series that subsumes the later, more detailed title.  But is it proper to completely overhaul an existing record like this?  The item cited in the earlier record's first 670 includes the numbering in the 642 according to LC's bib record (<>; see also <;view=1up;seq=6>).  The item in the second 670 points to a different numbering: Teil I, Abteilung VIII (<>; see also <;view=1up;seq=5>).

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