The PCC RDA Authorities Phase 3 Task Group has submitted an interim report on it activities to the PoCo.  The report and accompanying documents written by Gary Strawn, Chair of the TG are available at:


It is important to note that Phase 3 will be broken up into two phases – Phase 3A will make changes to 1XX fields as well as add a 667 note to undifferentiated records to heighten awareness of the discontinuation of that practice.  There will be other changes to the affected NARs as described in the report; these changes will affect an estimated 350,000 NARs.   Currently, these changes are expected to start no sooner than Monday, December 8, 2014, and will be redistributed to CDS customers at the rate of 30,000 records a day in addition to the regular daily loads.  CDS issued a preliminary notice to MDS customers in October and is expected to issue subsequent notices as the work progresses. These notices are posted at: An announcement will also be sent to the PCC discussion list when the exact start date for the Phase 3A changes is determined.    


The Task Group’s report also sketches out the plans for the recoding of the greater portion of the LC/NACO Authority File expected to begin in Summer 2015.  Of interest is a  scenario that is geared towards expediting the redistribution of the expected 7.5 million records that are eligible for recoding and is currently scheduled for testing in April 2015.  If this plan for distribution is implemented, catalogers will need to plan for a cessation of NACO activity for a five to ten day period.  Final announcements and a schedule for Phase 3B will be issued after the testing is completed.




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