In the mid 70's I hung around audiophile stores and purchased  a lot of the
albums that were used for demonstrations - most - well known for their great
sound quality. 

Gino Vannelli - Powerful People (1974) - This was the number one album in
stereo shops because it made everything sound great!
Earth, Wind & Fire - That's the Way of the World (1975) - Africano is
standout track. (George Massenburg recording)
James Taylor - JT (1977)
Steely Day - Aja (1977)
Harry James - The King James Version -  Sheffield Labs  Direct to Disc
Thelma Houston w/Pressure Cooker - I've Got the Music in Me (1975) -
Sheffield Labs Direct to Disc
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1979)

There are lots of great recordings during that time and you will get
different suggestions based on genre preference.  Mine are based on more
acoustic or electric/acoustic jazzier music.  BTW:  Sheffield Labs has most
of their library transferred to CD - awesome 70's catalog:

The later 70's pop music (around 1980) started getting quite "electronic"
sounding - and more compressed...

If you want more jazz recommendations there are a lot of great Pablo and ECM
recording's during the 70's...  let me know.



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It has been a while since I designed digital audio processing for the
telephone industry, which of course was mono work.

I never really gave much thought about stereo processing until now, save for
the music I listened to when I was 15 years old in the 70's. I had occasion
to digitize 100 or so albums for customer a couple of years ago and can now
hear all sorts of distortions I was happily unaware of when I was young.

One note I did make as went through the old albums was that I hit upon one
in particular, the greatest hit of the Association (or something like that)
and it was extremely clean without notable distortion. 
Somebody did a good job on that one and I probably would never have bought
it as a kid but have listened to it many times now just because of the nice

Never gave thought to the difference between listening to stereo music
through headsets versus speakers.

Here is my question.

Can someone suggest a 1970's album I can pick up on CD that has extremely
well engineered stereo imaging while listening through a pair of speakers?

Same question for headphones?

This is all in my quest to get wiser.

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