‚ÄčI have seven different LP pressings of DSOTM, and three CDs.

Among the former, it's a tie between the Harvest original and the Toshiba
regular issue (but not the "Pro" version).

I have a German-issued 12" 45rpm of "Money" that blows them all away,

As to the CDs, the best seems to be an original Japanese issue, but the
MobFi is sadly lacking.

WARNING: They vary in polarity, so one must be careful about making sonic


On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 3:48 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>
> Dark Side of the Moon was released in 1973. There is debate about whether
> original EMI Harvest pressing or Mobile Fidelity from the late 70s sounds
> better.
> I agree with Rob that these albums he listed were in frequent rotation at
> hifi shops in the 70s. At least they were at Sam Ash, Tech HiFi and Audio
> Experts in White Plains NY when I was growing up. Crazy Eddie's in Yonkers
> might have had them playing, but you'd never hear them over the din of
> aggressive salesmen. Tech Hifi was the ideal store for young audio dudes
> cutting their teeth. They had reasonably-priced gear that sounded good,
> friendly salesmen (I never saw a female in that store except accompanying
> her husband, boyfriend or son) and decent listening rooms with
> switching/comparing consoles that actually worked. I bought a lot of my
> early gear there and brought several friends (and their moms) over to buy
> their first stereo systems.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] need suggestion re stereo imaging.
>  In the mid 70's I hung around audiophile stores and purchased  a lot of
>> the
>> albums that were used for demonstrations - most - well known for their
>> great
>> sound quality.
>> Gino Vannelli - Powerful People (1974) - This was the number one album in
>> stereo shops because it made everything sound great!
>> Earth, Wind & Fire - That's the Way of the World (1975) - Africano is
>> standout track. (George Massenburg recording)
>> James Taylor - JT (1977)
>> Steely Day - Aja (1977)
>> Harry James - The King James Version -  Sheffield Labs  Direct to Disc
>> Thelma Houston w/Pressure Cooker - I've Got the Music in Me (1975) -
>> Sheffield Labs Direct to Disc
>> Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1979)
>> There are lots of great recordings during that time and you will get
>> different suggestions based on genre preference.  Mine are based on more
>> acoustic or electric/acoustic jazzier music.  BTW:  Sheffield Labs has
>> most
>> of their library transferred to CD - awesome 70's catalog:
>> The later 70's pop music (around 1980) started getting quite "electronic"
>> sounding - and more compressed...
>> If you want more jazz recommendations there are a lot of great Pablo and
>> ECM
>> recording's during the 70's...  let me know.
>> Cheers!
>> Rob
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>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] need suggestion re stereo imaging.
>> It has been a while since I designed digital audio processing for the
>> telephone industry, which of course was mono work.
>> I never really gave much thought about stereo processing until now, save
>> for
>> the music I listened to when I was 15 years old in the 70's. I had
>> occasion
>> to digitize 100 or so albums for customer a couple of years ago and can
>> now
>> hear all sorts of distortions I was happily unaware of when I was young.
>> One note I did make as went through the old albums was that I hit upon one
>> in particular, the greatest hit of the Association (or something like
>> that)
>> and it was extremely clean without notable distortion.
>> Somebody did a good job on that one and I probably would never have bought
>> it as a kid but have listened to it many times now just because of the
>> nice
>> sound.
>> Never gave thought to the difference between listening to stereo music
>> through headsets versus speakers.
>> Here is my question.
>> Can someone suggest a 1970's album I can pick up on CD that has extremely
>> well engineered stereo imaging while listening through a pair of speakers?
>> Same question for headphones?
>> This is all in my quest to get wiser.
>> --
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