Yes, I remember Paul well.

Willy Lerner used to send him to The Record Hunter to pick up a current title that he needed for a client almost daily.

For those that remember, The Record Hunter ws on 5th Avenue 1/2 block away from Music Masters.

Both Paul & Willy were very knowledgeable when it came to collecting music.

Both were real nice guys. I can smell Willy's pipe tobacco even now.


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From time to time there is the mention of the passing of a collector of recordings. 

I just heard from the daughter of Paul Snook, that Paul passed away last Friday.

As far as I know, Paul was not a member of ARSC…even if he should have been. He wore many hats in his life, critic, music director for WRVR in New York, a writer at the UN, etc. Yet the constant in his life was collecting recordings. He served as a consultant to the New York Philharmonic on some of their sets of broadcast recordings and had one of the largest collections of recordings, commercial and broadcast, of 20th and 21st Century classical music repertoire. A most generous guy, he opened up a world of music to me. 

Paul was a fixture at Music Masters in New York, and perhaps some of you knew him from there.

If any of you want information regarding the service, feel free to write me off list.