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Please excuse the cross posting to multiple lists.


The PCC Standing Committee on Training, the PCC Secretariat, and several PCC
institutions are developing appropriate training plans and material to
support the following two simultaneous goals. All of the materials that
result from these efforts will be made available free of charge on the web.
The goals are:


1.     Implementation of RDA bibliographic descriptions on January 1, 2015
(see the PCC announcement
<>  for
the final date for AACR2 in BIBCO and CONSER work). The survey on the need
for RDA "refresher" training and the material that results from it support
this goal.


2.     Enable the PCC to reposition itself in the linked data environment.
The PCC is developing material that introduces PCC members to the principles
of the Semantic Web and use of RDA in a non-MARC environment. In preparation
for these efforts members of the Secretariat have been enrolled in course
work to learn about the principles, tools, and vocabularies that enable
linked data services and the Semantic Web. 



Les Hawkins

CONSER Coordinator

Library of Congress

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