Dear PCC Community:


In preparation for the PCC strategic planning meetings in November 2014, the PCC Policy Committee (PoCo) commissioned three white papers to elicit conversation about possible future directions for the PCC.  Those papers are:

  • Strategic Directions for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging by Philip E. Schreur, Stanford University (and Past-Chair of PCC)
  • The PCC and Continuing Resources by Regina Romano Reynolds, Library of Congress
  • Name Authorities in Transition: Implications for the PCC by the PCC Advisory Committee on Initiatives (ACI)

From July to October, PoCo held themed-based discussions on its email list, focusing on the ideas stemming from the papers.  Rather than discussing each paper in its entirety, topical email threads were used to focus the discussions.  With thanks to the authors, all three white papers are attached to this email, as is a summary of the discussions that resulted within PoCo.  Please note that statements in this summary reflect personal, institutional, and evolving opinions of representatives to PoCo, and are not necessarily PCC-endorsed statements. 


PoCo is currently in the process of writing the new PCC Strategic Directions, a plan that will carry us through January 2015-December 2017.  We intend to have this document ready for distribution to the PCC community in advance of ALA Midwinter next month, where the new plan will be the primary focus for discussion at the PCC Participants' Meeting.  In the meantime, PoCo would like to share these three white papers, and the discussion summary, with PCC participants.  They proved incredibly valuable to us, and we hope they will be useful and interesting to the community as well.


I would like to thank Phil, Regina, members of ACI, and representatives to the Policy Committee for their contributions to this important planning effort.



---Chris Cronin



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