Hi Steven,

I have done some work with a fork of BFE that saves the JSON-LD into a Fedora 4 repository using node.js at I also created a Django variant of BFE that does save the resulting JSON-LD to a file at


Let me know if you have questions or issues running either. I’ve been working on a BIBFRAME backend using Fedora 4 as a Linked Data Platform with Elastic Search as the search and discovery (the latest code for work is available at


Jeremy Nelson

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From: Steven Clement [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 7:43 PM
Subject: BFE and SPARQL endpoints




We have started doing some experimentation (this week) with a new implementation of the BIBFRAME Editor and working through the results. We use the BIBFRAME Transformation tool at for this, too.


In parallel, we are setting up a (very) rudimentary SPARQL endpoint for local use only using Apache Jena-Fuseki.


Our questions are:

1.       Does the BFE have the functionality at present to generate output directly into a something like Fuseki?

2.       Is there a temporary file in BFE that would allow us to get at the JSON-LD (or other) output once we “Save”?

3.       Is anyone able to/using BFE to populate triplestores?


If anyone has anything to share in the space, we would to like (love!) to hear your experiences.



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