No, not all subjects are bf:events. 

610:  bf:subject bf:Organization
611:  bf:subject bf:Meeting
630:  bf:subject bf:Work

(if they can be formatted as such, and are not too 'stringy').

Currently 651$a is bf:geographicCoverageNote, since it's often more of a string than bf:subject bf:Place would require.  


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It is true that many events are MARC coded 650, e.g., World Wars I and II.  But others are not, e.g., War of 1812 which is 651 (United States in LCSH, Canada in CSH).

Will the 610, 611, 630, and 651 distinctions be lost in Bibframe when events are subjects, with a single <bf:event> label?

Colour me confused.

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