Dear colleagues,

I have a question for EAC-CPF.
I am really new here, so sorry if my question is already discussed, or my information is not correct etc, please correct me. 

I am in the standard group in APEx project and heard from my colleagues that the new version of EAC-CPF will deploy ISO639-2 for @xml:lang. Is it true? If so, what is the reason behind it?

I understand that some people (including APEx) have talked about the problem of inconsistency between @xml:lang (IANA) and @languageCode (ISO639-2), and I agree to be consistent one way or the other. But, @xml:lang is an external attribute from W3C, and it should be IANA compliant for global interoperability, in my opinion. If ISO639-2 is used, it allows @xml:lang=eng, which I think strange (normally @xml:lang=en). I am not arguing what is needed for archives (availability of languages etc), but only talking about the syntax for this particular question.

Can somebody clarify the latest situation of the two attributes? Thank you.

Best Regards,
Go Sugimoto
The National Archives of The Netherlands, APEx project