>My understanding of Holdings is, and please correct me:  A collection of
>physical objects, owned by a single institution,

Not all holdings are physical.  Electronic resources (often by
subscription) are an increasing proportion of holdings.

>Sure, if the definition of HeldItem is something like "A record that
>holds information about a particular physical object that's only
>locally relevant" ...

Where what is available for ILL is less only locally relevant than
some other data which pertains to a particular item.  One reason we
did not consider using AG-Canada (who purchased Utlas), was that they
removed the record of which library held which volumes of serials,
which was part of the Utlas database.

It concerns me that in discussing this reinvention of the wheel, there
are so many misconceptions about the bibliographic universe, and the
purposes served by bibliographic records.  It does not bode well for
Bibframe meeting our needs.

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