On 1/20/15 8:59 AM, Svensson, Lars wrote:
> I guess this is a general case: What do I do when I want link to an authority file and the entity I want to link to isn't there (yet)?
This comes up not only for name authorities but for anything for which 
there is an authoritative list. For names you could have your system 
mint a local ID just to get the record done -- and that is what makes 
sense in terms of the data flow. I'm not sure that the same solution 
makes sense for the controlled lists like genres, roles, etc.

Eventually one would want to do cleanup on those local URIs, matching 
them where possible to universal identifiers. This is one of those areas 
where we need to think through the bigger picture workflow. There are 
libraries today that if they don't find a record in OCLC for their copy 
cataloging needs they actually set the book aside and come back in a 
week or so to see if a record has shown up. I don't think a workflow 
that sets aside an item for every missing URI is going to be viable, but 
having a load of local URIs that never get upgraded to community URIs 
isn't going to be a solution either.

I believe that BIBFRAME's lightweight abstract layer is an attempt to 
respond to this, although the next step -- matching up local URIs to 
community URIs -- hasn't been addressed, AFAIK.

Kelley has helpfully brought up questions and situations that occur 
during cataloging. It is very important that workflow issues be 
addressed, even if they do not alter the content of BIBFRAME data.


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