On 1/23/15 4:18 PM, Mark Baker wrote:
>> but beyond that you would still need a way to
>> >determine which of the many "Ken Smith"s to use, if any.  Some smarts are
>> >needed to, for example, check that the dates are possible, that the domain
>> >is similar, and so forth to rank them appropriately.  Then it would need to
>> >present the known information about the people to the cataloguer so they can
>> >select one, or create a new entry.
> That does seem a valuable path forward. Pull requests gratefully
> accepted (or fork away!)

Wish I could fork, but ...

author names alone are pretty much useless [1]. There's no reason why 
additional information can't be provided to give the cataloger some 
grounds for selection. [2] And we should be doing the same for users.



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