Mac, I believe I covered that in the "issues" section. The complication 
there is the assumption that 1 barcode = 1 thing = one Item.

In moving to something like RDF, the Utlas and MARC repeatable "units of 
info" would probably be indistinguishable, since there is no concept of 
tags and subfields, just graphs of related statements.


On 1/14/15 12:23 PM, J. McRee Elrod wrote:
> Karen said:
>> If you have 2 copies, you have two of these Item graphs.
> What about multi-volume sets and serials?  Would they too require
> these for each volume?
> We found the old Utlas method (single 090 with holdings, location, and
> remarks in $c$d$f$r) for more efficient than MARC's repeating 852.  I
> would favour something more like Utlas' less complex method in
> Bibframe.  Why ignore past successful methods?
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