Kelley, these are excellent questions, and ones that I think do not 
(yet) have ready answers.

On 1/19/15 3:42 PM, Kelley McGrath wrote:
> Since my other email was so long, I am going to post this separately.
> After looking at a lot of these transcriptions of responsibility 
> collected by OLAC's crowdsourcing project ( 
> ), it is clear that there are a couple things that catalogers really 
> want to do that are not accommodated by MARC. Will these functions be 
> supported in Bibframe? What sort of analysis is being done to identify 
> gaps in MARC?
> 1. People want to link names and roles (and other info) to parts of 
> resources. These can be:

Just a brief (and unfortunately not very helpful) pointer to the 
documents of the FRBR Task Group on Aggregates, which, in my opinion, 
thoroughly failed to develop a viable solution to the issue of packages 
containing multiple works:

Also, Heildrun Weisenmuller has made some interesting comments in this area: (see 
"Working Paper" and diagrams).

This is a very hard problem, but I feel like if we don't solve it in our 
current design work that we will greatly hinder the ability of libraries 
to answer reasonable questions like: "Do you have a copy of X?" when X 
is not a stand-alone publication.


>   * individual works or films (e.g., a collection of animated shorts,
>     a double-sided disc, a boxed set, disc with a concert and a
>     related documentary)
>   * versions (e.g., English language version, American version,
>     restored version)
>   * musical works
>   * segments of works (e.g., nativity scene, "host segment written by")
> The strategies used are legion:
>   * Cast: In the valley of death: Lex Barker, Pierre Brice
>   * Narration, Kajiwara Shirō ("Nihon kōgei no hana"), Kagami Sachiko
>     ("Hyakka ryōran")
>   * The steadfast tin soldier (Patricia McBride, Mikhail Beryshnikov)
>   * "Dumplings" directed by Fruit Chan
>   * [The Legend of Suram fortress] Directed by Sergeĭ Paradjanov and
>     David Abashidze
>   * Dancers in Ritmo jondo: Michael Blake, Jonathan Leinbach
>   * Dance Through Time dancers: Jim Brosnahan, Carolyn Carvajal
>   * live concert performance directed by
> 2. People want to link names of cast members to the names of 
> characters, which they currently do in various inconsistent ways.
>   * Voices: Mike Myers (Shrek/Blind Mouse/Narrator)
>   * Cast: Jalil Lespert as the bus driver
>   * Cast: Laura Cervinsky, Barbarina, Antonio's daughter
>   * Cast: archbishop, Radoslaw Żukowski
>   * Earl of Leicester: Milan Kñažko, sung by Luciano Pavarotti
> Kelley

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