Kelley, these are excellent questions, and ones that I think do not (yet) have ready answers.

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Since my other email was so long, I am going to post this separately.

After looking at a lot of these transcriptions of responsibility collected by OLAC's crowdsourcing project ( ), it is clear that there are a couple things that catalogers really want to do that are not accommodated by MARC. Will these functions be supported in Bibframe? What sort of analysis is being done to identify gaps in MARC?

1. People want to link names and roles (and other info) to parts of resources. These can be:

Just a brief (and unfortunately not very helpful) pointer to the documents of the FRBR Task Group on Aggregates, which, in my opinion, thoroughly failed to develop a viable solution to the issue of packages containing multiple works:

Also, Heildrun Weisenmuller has made some interesting comments in this area: (see "Working Paper" and diagrams).

This is a very hard problem, but I feel like if we don't solve it in our current design work that we will greatly hinder the ability of libraries to answer reasonable questions like: "Do you have a copy of X?" when X is not a stand-alone publication.


The strategies used are legion:

2. People want to link names of cast members to the names of characters, which they currently do in various inconsistent ways.


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