Since my other email was so long, I am going to post this separately.

After looking at a lot of these transcriptions of responsibility collected by OLAC's crowdsourcing project ( ), it is clear that there are a couple things that catalogers really want to do that are not accommodated by MARC. Will these functions be supported in Bibframe? What sort of analysis is being done to identify gaps in MARC?

1. People want to link names and roles (and other info) to parts of resources. These can be:

  *   individual works or films (e.g., a collection of animated shorts, a double-sided disc, a boxed set, disc with a concert and a related documentary)
  *   versions (e.g., English language version, American version, restored version)
  *   musical works
  *   segments of works (e.g., nativity scene, "host segment written by")

The strategies used are legion:

  *   Cast: In the valley of death: Lex Barker, Pierre Brice
  *   Narration, Kajiwara Shirō ("Nihon kōgei no hana"), Kagami Sachiko ("Hyakka ryōran")
  *   The steadfast tin soldier (Patricia McBride, Mikhail Beryshnikov)
  *   "Dumplings" directed by Fruit Chan
  *   [The Legend of Suram fortress] Directed by Sergeĭ Paradjanov and David Abashidze
  *   Dancers in Ritmo jondo: Michael Blake, Jonathan Leinbach
  *   Dance Through Time dancers: Jim Brosnahan, Carolyn Carvajal
  *   live concert performance directed by

2. People want to link names of cast members to the names of characters, which they currently do in various inconsistent ways.

  *   Voices: Mike Myers (Shrek/Blind Mouse/Narrator)
  *   Cast: Jalil Lespert as the bus driver
  *   Cast: Laura Cervinsky, Barbarina, Antonio's daughter
  *   Cast: archbishop, Radoslaw Żukowski
  *   Earl of Leicester: Milan Kñažko, sung by Luciano Pavarotti