Thanks for your comments.  

I am reading all I can get my hands on because the project I am working on could/should be of some value in the area of authority files.  A topic of little concern to many, but should make things work better at the end of this process, I have been lead to believe.  

I am also starting to feel that I should just develop what I think will be a good database and let those would want to use it as an authority figure out how to make it work with BIBFRAME when I think it is ready.   Not looking forward to ever having to say ‘if I would have known x when I started, then …’  that’s all.  


On Jan 15, 2015, at 6:26 AM, Bernhard Eversberg <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Am 15.01.2015 um 00:00 schrieb Cecilia M. Preston:
>> After reading the Annotations discussion today … Well if all of you
>> are confused - I feed much better.  Trying to come up to speed on
>> this stuff and trying to following these conversations is headache
>> inducing and makes me question why I should buy into this as it is
>> sounding like folks are still modifying the ingredients list and it
>> isn’t near ready to be baked.  And even then it may not work.
> This discussion is not aimed at those with just a background in
> received cataloging theory and practice. And/or some dated experience in
> software and development, like me.
>> Just my 2˘ from the sidelines but with a need to build something that
>> should work with this
> As soon as that comes around, it will of course concern everybody in
> libraries, not just in cataloging.
> But "something that works" seems a tall order at this moment. The new
> approach will eventually have to be implemented into practicable
> workflows. Which will likely mean a hell of a lot indeed.
> Wasn't Roy Tennant speaking of a decade or so before all that
> can happen? Which should leave sufficient time for the necessary
> re-education and training, along with the development of all the
> necessary infrastructure and software.
> Are there other educated guesses about the timescale?
> B.Eversberg