The eID is bowlesdm.


From: Kenney, Dustin Curtis - kenneydc
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2015 12:01 PM
To: Holloway, Steven - hollowsw
Cc: Hartman, Bill - hartmacw; Huffman, Chris - huffmacr; Kenney, Dustin Curtis - kenneydc; Weaver, Darren S - weaverds; Ennis, Blaze S - ennisbs; Lantz, Erich W - lantz2ew
Subject: Re: DS Support Form: Network Drive 1/21/2015 7:48

Hi, I can take care of that. Could you please send me Bowles' eID and I'll check the permissions on it. Thanks,


Original Message:
Our Cataloging student, Devon Bowles, needs access to the N-drive through her login on the dedicated PC in Carrier 209, 10-0117.

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