Hello collective wisdom --

Has anyone written a script that will search c0# descriptive elements (title, abstract, etc.) for a specified list of terms (delimited however, doesn't matter) and return the collection name and container information?

For example, say I have a hundred finding aids and I want to find boxes that mention "photo " "photograph*" or "negative*" in their description and return a simple list that looks like this:

John Smith Papers Box 12 - Photograph

John Smith Papers Box 12 - Negatives

John Smith Papers Box 13 - Negatives

John Smith Papers Oversize 9 - Negatives

Jane Doe Papers Box 4 - Photos

Jean Jones Papers Box 1 - Negatives

This is a pretty easy script, I know, but I figured I'd ask first if anyone had done it already. If not, it'll be a fun little task for me for tomorrow :)