NLS Operations Alert


No. 15-11


DATE          :  January 28, 2015

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Joel Phillips, Assistant Head, Production Control Section

SUBJECT   :  Semimonthly copy allotment


NLS will begin offering two copy allotment batches each month, starting in February. This will allow you to order and obtain more quickly quantities of titles that are already mastered and ready to be shipped, such as commercial titles. The total number of titles each month will not differ greatly from the past, but two order cycles will open and close each month. The schedule for the first four allotments is as follows:


February Allotment #1:  2/1–2/14

February Allotment #2:  2/15–2/28

March Allotment #1:  3/1–3/14

March Allotment #2:  3/15–3/31


Libraries are reminded to review and update their default ordering quantities for each subject code and book type, as there will be less time to place orders. Default quantities may serve as a useful tool to ensure an automatic and timely order response.


The online ordering screens will be unchanged, except for the headers showing which of the two monthly allotments you are currently ordering for. Titles per month will continue to be in the range of 200 to 300, so there will be approximately 100 to 150 titles per allotment.


For further questions about the copy allotment process and/or how to update your Default Ordering Table, contact:

Joel Phillips

Assistant Head, Production Control Section

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