NLS Operations Alert


No. 15-13


DATE          :    February 2, 2015

TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Stephen Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT   :    MOC extended loan period



NLS increased the loan period on magazines circulated on cartridge to allow Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) subscribers more time to enjoy their publications.


Please inform your MOC subscribers that their allotted reading time for weekly cartridges (those containing weekly magazines only) has increased from one week to three weeks and reading time for monthly cartridges (those containing monthly and weekly magazines) has increased from four weeks to seven weeks.


Libraries should note that the allotted reading times described above do not include the two weeks of “travel time” (one week to get from the producer to the patron and then another week to get from the patron back to the producer). With travel time, weekly magazine cartridges have a total of five weeks from delivery to return; monthly and weekly magazine cartridges have a total of nine weeks from delivery to return.


For more information contact:

Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

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