I’m new to following PCC efforts and this list, so maybe I need to 
understand some of the issues more, but...

There’s a lot of focus on the literal here. Is there any effort to 
encourage/require $u’s and $v's in authorities? If not already, I hope 
this is in scope for PCC Strategic Direction 3. The authority should store 
the singular and plural… and with the URI, an application can access the 
most appropriate literal.

Similarly, I’d like to be able to use the 024 (or another field) for 
capturing URIs *distinguishable from other identifier numbers*.

Related, it would be nice if we could visit best practice for storing 
dereferenceable URIs in bibs, *distinguishable from other control 
numbers*. I realize that there is the $0 for this (we’re using this in a 
couple cases), but I would like to see something more like the $u $v 
structure (where you know it’s a URI in the $u and the source is kept 
separately). The following is almost there.

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>> Here is the document we got in training which said repeat the 372 and 
>> for different controlled vocabularies.
>Also supported by the fact that the $2 is non-repeatable.
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