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You may be noticing changes to the authorized access points for Bosnia and Hercegovina and its subordinate bodies, and other authorized access points that include Bosnia and Hercegovina, including LCSH headings, so I wanted to give you some background information on what is happening and what you need to do if you catalog in this area.  


Bosnia and Hercegovina (n  81035836) has been removed as an exception for choosing the preferred name in LC-PCC PS, and the BGN form of name will now be used:


Bosnia and Herzegovina


One less exception to remember.


The British Library volunteered to update the related NACO authority records; that work has begun.


The PCC Secretariat will be working on the related LC Bibliographic File Maintenance and on updating the LCSH headings.


If you need to use a NACO authority record that includes Bosnia and Hercegovina, and it is possible for you to wait until the BL updates distribute, that would be great. The BL should complete the updates fairly quickly. If you absolutely cannot wait, please evaluate (and re-code to RDA as necessary) the record and update it to use the form Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1XX and/or the 4XX/5XX fields. If you need to create a new NACO authority record that includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, please use the form Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In the June 2015 RDA Toolkit update, LC-PCC PS will be updated to remove Bosnia and Hercegovina from the list of exceptions.




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