The best place to start is to follow the instructions for what RDA catalogers should do when encountering these types of AACR2 headings in the authority file found as item #3 in the document found at the following web address:  http://loc.gov/aba/rda/pdf/lcnaf_rdaphase.pdf


3. Authority records with 1XX fields that contain an ampersand in $l:

any AACR2 authority record with an ampersand in $l will be labeled with a 667

field as needing review under RDA (about 13,000 authority records).

What an RDA cataloger should do:  If an authority record with an

ampersand in $l is encountered, create substitute RDA records for each

language expression represented in $l if they don’t already exist

(they often will) and report the authority record with the ampersand for deletion.

Do not use ‘re-use’ the authority record with an ampersand for a single language expression.


Hope this helps.

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Subject: Name/title authority records with language subfield


NAR n  94028161 is for the authorized access point: Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, $d 1547-1616. $t Novelas ejemplares. $l English & Spanish.  Can I simply convert this heading to: Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, $d 1547-1616. $t Novelas ejemplares. $l English, or should I create a new authority record with the latter heading and ask for NAR n  94028161 to be deleted?


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