Maybe I'm overreading it, but RDA does specify "Profession or Occupation" as a type of term appropriate for distinguishing one person from another. To me, this implies an expectation, or at least an option, that the term will be categorized as indicating a profession or occupation.  MARC authorities accommodate that by providing the 374 field where the RDA category is expressed in the tag value.  I can imagine other ways a term could be categorized, including a term added only to an authorized access point; and but MARC is what we use.  I agree that RDA does not require this kind of categorization; but it does encourage us to make it possble. If RDA did not intend to distinguish different qualifying information by categories, then I'm not sure why the 3XX "RDA fields" were added to the authority format.

What is missing from RDA itself is any instruction to use controlled vocabularies to express the attributes of persons.  That comes from PCC.  I'm all for using controlled vocabularies; but I can also see a case for using the 374 to categorize an uncontrolled term which appears in a 100 $c.


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On Thu, 26 Feb 2015, Kevin M Randall wrote:

And if we want to use a controlled vocabulary, the only agreed-upon one for the PCC is LCSH.

On this, I must respectfully but forcefully disagree, Kevin.  The DCM Z1 does not say we should use LCSH.  For example for field 374 it says: "Prefer controlled vocabulary, such as LCSH or Me
SH, recording the source in subfield $2."  For 372 it says: "When recording a term indicating the field, prefer controlled vocabulary, such as LCSH or MeSH, recording the source in subfield $2."  For 368 it says: "Prefer controlled vocabulary for terms, recording the source in subfield $2."

LCSH happens to be the easiest controlled vocabulary for most of us to use, because it is easy to search in the utilities, and it is quite familiar since many of us use it for assigning subject headings.  But it is not a mandated vocabulary to use and certainly not the only agreed-upon one for PCC.


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