A question has come up on how to handle the 370 field when someone has been residing in the area comprising the present day State of Israel before and after 1948. 

Should there be one 370  

370 $cIsrael $s1935$t1948

or should there be two separate 370s

370 $cPalestine$s1935$t1948
370 $cIsraelDs1948$t1954

Two separate NARs exist for Palestine and Israel.

The NAR for Israel (n  79003285) has a see also (MARC21 551) reference to Palestine

The NAR for Palestine needs to be updated and does not have an equivalent see also (MARC21 551) to Israel

My own thought that is that there should be two separate 370s since the person resided in the same location, but under two different names for that location

Thanks, Heidi Lerner

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