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Hello archivists, librarians, curators, information professionals, and
everyone in-between! Read on for free publicity for your institution or
just the chance to share something you enjoy:

My name is Dana Gerber-Margie, and I have recently started a short weekly
newsletter called The Audio Signal <> ( Every Sunday night, I send
subscribers recommendations of audio I've listened to that week, as I
listen to a lot of radio, podcasts, and audiobooks and love the chance to
talk about what I've heard.

I also work at the Wisconsin Historical Society as the Audio Specialist,
digitizing and processing audio materials. We're putting audio online, and
I know many of your institutions are also putting audio clips online. And
that's why I'm emailing you today.

Either as a representative of your institution or just as personal
preference, I'd love to grow my list of places to find archival audio
online. So many great interviews and sound bites are online waiting to be
heard, and while podcasts and other media outlets are a great way to get
your stuff out there, I know that not everyone has the time, budget, and
staff for such projects. Let me share it for you!

Spare just 5 minutes to email me at [log in to unmask] I'll take it
all: general recommendations and thoughts, feedback, a list of links, one
link to a specific audio clip you really enjoy, and more. Of course, I'm
interested only in publicly accessible audio at the moment -- a majority of
my listeners do not have easy access to something like a university log in.

PS) I am also always looking to expand my radio and podcast list. Love
listening but not always to archival audio? Share a show recommendation
with me: [log in to unmask] or use my handy-dandy form:

Thank you all!