Dear all,

I have been putting together a list of resources for linguistics librarians
and archivists who work with language materials.

This open source list is being hosted on github (which is normally for
computer code collaboration, but has recently seen an uptake in open source
list sharing too). In the first section of this list is a section for
resources about audio materials (
I am hoping that some of you on the ARSClist might be able to provide some
additional content, or point me in the direction of helpful content.

In the course of working with academics who use audio, I have found that
many academics are not aware of professional digitization services in the
audio industry, or where they can find more help (networks, etc).

I also have a section on Video resources too - if that is also your thing.

I would be grateful if anyone would take a look at the list linked above
and then if additional content to be added to the Linguistics Librarian
List to open an issue on github (of course if you are already familiar with
how github works you could fork the list make your additions and then send
me a pull request). I'll take responsibility for closing and resolving open
issues (if you create them). If github is just something you don't want to
be a part of then please send me a private message with your contribution,
and I'll take it from there. I know that some guys on this list do have
professional digitization services. If the nature of those services fit the
kind of content on the list, then I am not against adding a link and a
short (50 word) description (see what I have already done on the list for
an example).

Thank you,

- Hugh Paterson III