Hi Tom.  If is was a 4-track mono tape, how did you check the azimuth?  Was
there phase coherent tones or pink noise on all four tracks?  That seems
highly unlikely to me.


Ellis Burman

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 8:59 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>

> I've never tried doing all four tracks of a quarter-track stereo of
> high-fidelity music all at once using my Tascam 44-OB, but I have had no
> problems doing some OTR (4-track mono) tapes. The quality going in sucked,
> so the client was very happy to save money not paying for 4 passes across
> the heads. I was actually surprised at how good it did sound. He told me
> his dubs were second-generation from transfers of transcriptions (so either
> 3rd or 4th generation from the transmission line). He had been smart enough
> to use a good quality deck (I forgot he told me it was Pioneer or Teac,
> later-generation so with direct drive capstan and decent azimuth
> stability). On my scope, the azimuth looked OK between tracks 1 and 4, so I
> figured I was probably getting pretty good fidelity out of all 4 tracks,
> especially considering the relatively lo-fi source. His smartest moves in
> making the tapes were doing them at 7.5IPS and using well-slit Maxell UD
> tape. We also transferred at double speed (7.5IPS of 3.75IPS material), and
> again this did not effect the sound quality of OTR source material very
> negatively. The guy got 4 hours of transfer material for every half hour of
> tape machine on the clock time. As I said up front, I would never do this
> for high-fidelity musical recordings.
> -- Tom Fine
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>  Some of the four-track in-line heads cheated down a little from the
>> standard 43 mil track width, but I think it was down to 38 mils to allow
>> for better crosstalk. This is not well documented...but then again we have
>> a variation of at least 75-82 mils in "NAB" two track heads. At this point,
>> if one is dealing with more than three tracks on 1/4-inch tapes there are
>> usually larger issues than this.
>> On 2015-03-09 9:09 PM, Dave Radlauer wrote:
>>> Careful there, I don't think there's a one to one relation between
>>> 4-track
>>> and 1/4 track formats, but I'm sure more knowledgeable voices will chime
>>> in.
>>> Dave R
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